Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to create a password to the hotspot

give us the password to the hotspot? follow the guidelines below.
1. The first you have to login to the AP router, please enter the IP routernya the browser, then enter the username and password you use to access the AP router. Then after a successful entry, please click on the Wireless -> Wireless settings

2. Then how writing Enable Wireless Security, put checks next to his right. ecurity then the column type select WEP, select Automatic Security Option, select the format ASCII WEP key, select the Type 128-bit key, then enter the password in the WEP key that you want to use (to be filled as many as 13 characters). If you've filled in all, click on the Save button

3. After you click on the Save button a notification will appear as shown below. When the computer will disconnect and reconnect the network hostpot.

If later on the wireless icon in the lower left corner marked with a limited (no exclamation point), should didisconet first, then diconnectkan again, then will come the demand Network key. enter the network key (password) that you created earlier as many as 13 characters, if its true networkey, the connection will be connected.

yes that's the way to provide a password or network key on a hotspot, so who can access the internet via the hotspot you are those who know the password or network key
good luck