Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to Activate Windows 7

When you have been installing Windows 7 on your computer, then the next thing you should do is do the activation. This activation is a necessary process to ensure that Windows 7 is installed on your computer is Windows 7 the original (genuine) and used in accordance with Microsoft licensing terms that have been established. In this activation process you should enter code 'product key' is valid.

The terms of the Activation of Windows 7 

- you have to activate Windows 7 within a period of 30 days after installation before the expire. When Windows 7 is active, then you will be able to use all the features that exist in it in full
- If you are installing Windows 7 on another computer, you must purchase an additional product key to activate Windows 7 installation on the computer in question. You can not use the same product key for two computers at once.

How to Activate Windows: Automatically 

Following the activation of Windows 7 Online. Prior to activation, make sure first that your computer is connected to the internet connection. This next step you can do well while doing normal installation and upgrade installation. It's easy. When you're installing Windows 7, enter the 'product key number' of Windows 7 you then check the list box 'Automatically activate Windows when I'm online'. As a side note, this will activate the automatic activation of a copy of Windows 7 you within three days after you log-on (for the first time)

 How to Activate Windows Manually

Here's a Windows 7 activation manually:
1. Open the 'Control Panel' (All Items view) then click the 'System'. Or if not, open the Start Menu then right click on the 'Computer' and then click Properties.

2. If there is a link "Activate Windows now 'in System Properties, then do the following steps:

a. Under the 'Windows Activation', click the link to activate the '30 days. Activate Windows Now '.

b. Select the option "Activate Windows Online Now"

c. If prompted by UAC, then click Yes.
3. If you find that there is no link 'Activate Windows Now' in System Properties, then do the following steps
a. Close the window 'System Properties'
b. Open the Start Menu and type 'slui.exe' in the box Search (search) and then click Enter.
4. Type 'Product Key Number' Windows 7 you then click 'Next'.

Now you have the original Windows 7 active and can be used.

5. If the activation process is successful, then do the following steps: - Click the 'Close'. If you find that your product key non-genuine or not valid, the likelihood is that the product key in question has been used by another computer, or maybe his product key fake / counterfeit. For more information on this, you can visit the wesite Genuine Windows ( / genuine /)

6. If the activation process of Windows 7 you fail or there 'error code', you can visit the official website of Windows for more information ( The other option, you can try to do the activation over the phone.  

How to Activate Windows 7

A few short tutorial on how the activation of Windows 7 that you have. To ensure that the activation process went smoothly without any problems, make sure your internet connection during the activation process carried out smoothly, and also make sure that the serial number (product key) you entered is genuine. Internet connection problem, or a serial number that is not approved, would make the activation process failed.


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